Music instruction

Sarah currently is accepting new students at Tallant Music Studio in Fort Thomas, KY (for violin/fiddle, cello, ukulele, and songwriting) 
and Immanuel School of Music in Lakeside Park, KY (for violin and fiddle).

You can also get lessons at a discounted price if you directly book with her.

She can come to your home (with extra per diem commute fee) and practice safe social distancing (wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, staying 6 ft apart, utilizing gloves if necessary) or you can come to her home in Norwood, Ohio with the same precautions and no fee.

Online video lessons are also available.

Visit the Contact page to inquire for rates and more information.

Teaching Philosophy

Believe in MUSIC MAGIC 

Lessons will be …. 


Students will learn basic fundamentals of technique and theory along with songs they enjoy to form more meaningful connections to their skill building; we can learn from all styles of music 


Students will have their different learning styles and emotional and behavioral needs accommodated to provide the right environment for them to foster learning 

Safe Space for Growth 

Students will build a trusting mentor-student relationship that allows them to know they have a safe space to be able to be creative as they learn to grow 

Innovative yet Independent 

Students work towards independence being involved in decision making, so they gain ownership to their work, as I coach them in writing and transcribing their own songs or arrangements 

Collecting Confidence 

Students will produce frequent recordings so they get instant feedback and start building confidence in sharing their skills while also collecting an assessment of their progress